Vegan Quesadilla Without Cheese

1 frying pan 1 spatula 1 cutting board 1 knife


1 teaspoon avocado oil divided ½ onion diced ½ bell pepper chopped; any color ½ cup black beans ½ cup corn frozen or canned 1 Roma tomato ½ cup mushrooms chopped ½ cup spinach 1 teaspoon garlic powder 1 teaspoon taco powder more as needed ⅛ sea salt plus more as needed ⅛ black pepper 2 tablespoons refried beans 2 flour tortillas


– Place a frying pan or large skillet over medium heat. Drizzle cooking oil into the pan and allow it to warm. – Place the onion into the pan and allow it to cook for about 2 minutes until fragrant. Place the chopped bell pepper into the pan with the onion and allow the bell pepper to cook for 3 minutes. – Place the sliced mushrooms into the pan along with the corn, black beans, tomato, and spinach. Sprinkle garlic seasoning and the taco powder into the pan and mix everything together with a wooden spatula or spoon.


– After the vegetable mixture has been cooked for 5-7 minutes, you will need to prepare the quesadillas. Lay a tortilla on a flat surface, then spread 1 TBSP of refried beans on one side of the quesadilla. – Next, spoon the vegetable mixture onto the refried beans, then close the tortilla in half. Wipe the skillet clean with a paper towel, then reheat the pan over medium heat. – Place the folded tortilla on the heated skillet with oil, then cook the quesadilla for 3-5minutes per side. Be careful not to burn the quesadilla. – Enjoy with fresh cilantro, dairy-free sour cream, salsa, avocado, or pico de gallo.


This savory veggie-rich quesadilla recipe is made without cheese and full of amazing fresh flavors. Sautéed onion, bell pepper, tomato, mushrooms, corn, and more are cooked on the stovetop and stuffed inside a tortilla for the easiest vegan quesadilla.